Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16What would you do with a year off? Join us as we travel the world. the WILCOX FAMILY GINA • KATHERINE • RUSS • CARTER What would you do with a year off? Join us WILCOX FAMILY 365 SATURDAYS 365 JUNE 2010 JULY 2011 3 6 5 S AT U R D AY S J U N E 2 0 1 0 — J U LY 2 0 1 1 T H E W I L C O X FA M I LY T his book tells the story of our family’s trip around the world as recorded by the blogs we wrote along the way. What began as simple electronic postcards to friends and family back home gradually became our digital journals. In these pages, we capture the details of our adventures from the mundane to the spectacular. Our journey began on July 1, 2010 and continued just over 365 Saturdays, ending on July 21, 2011. The broad itinerary was based on the study of Ancient Civilizations and led us through more than 30 countries across 6 continents. We took 88 flights, rode everything from a sedan to a rickshaw to a camel, and slept in 78 different hotels, apartments, castles, lodges, and tents along the way. The journey brought us to some of the most spectacular corners of the planet where we were awed and humbled by the places we saw, the people we met, and the countless kindnesses we received. It was the trip of a lifetime. RUSS GINA KATHERINE CARTER the WILCOX FAMILY